Create and share wishlists

Wishlist app reduces shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn't end up purchasing.

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Let visitors collect, compare and buy more

Embed anywhere

Easily embed "Add to Wishlist" icon or button anywhere on your Shopify store.

Create wishlist

Allows customers to create wishlists and collect favorites everywhere by simply clicking on wishlist icons.

Wishlists page

Wish lists are shown on a separate page where users can edit, share and buy items from their wish lists.

Wishlist toolbar

An attractive wishlist toolbar allows your customers to quickly create, edit and share wish lists.

Share wish list

Let users share their wish lists with friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

Wishlist boards

Lets customers create own boards/lists for special events: wedding, birthday or any special occasion.

The only wishlist app which supports product variants

If your products have variants (white/XXL bag) then you can let customers choose them when saving items in their wishlists.

Social proof

Add another level of social proof by displaying how many people added each piece to wish lists OR members added a certain piece to wish lists.
It not only increases buyer trust for the brand but also attracts more attention to the popular pieces.

Convert shoppers intentions to sales

Series of Wishlist Selling Emails

It collects email addresses and sends a series of 3 personalized emails. You can politely remind visitors about their wishlists and even include a coupon code to encourage them to buy.

Run highly effective automated email campaigns, like Amazon, Ebay and other e-commerce giants do.

"Your favorite item is on sale"

We automatically detect the price reduction for wish lists' items and notify customers by email when their loved items are on sale.

"Your loved items are back in stock"

Automatically notify customers by email when their loved items are back in the store. Don't lose anymore sales on your Shopify site.

"Your favorite item will be sold out soon"

Automatically notify customers by email when their loved items are getting sold out. Set up and forget, it takes cares about everything.

"Your loved items are finally available"

Automatically notify customers by email when the missing items are available now. Discover what missing items are in demand and convert them to sales.

Fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn't end up purchasing

Access from anywhere

Users can access to their wishlists from anywhere: home, work, smartphone, table, computer, etc.

Gather email addresses

Collect visitors email addresses when they sign up to save wish lists.


Analyze the most engaging and popular pieces and variants.

Totally customizable

It perfectly fits your custom theme, it can be easily customized.


Mobile first app looks and works perfectly on any device.

Community feed

Wishlists are automatically displayed in Community Feed to build your audience trust.

Inspire customers

Inspire customers to buy more from public wish lists on customer profiles.

Run campaigns

Run email campaigns around wishlists to keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand. E.g., users added a certain piece to wish lists but didn't buy it.

Wishlist for guests

Generate more sales by allowing non-logged in users to create their wishlists.

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