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Social Sharing app helps you to encourage users to share your brand and products on social media and email.

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Social Sharing app for Shopify

Boost social sharing of your site

Display social sharing popup and ask users to share your site on social media and email for a rewarding.

"Give X to Get X" campaigns

Now you can run well-known and proven rewarding campaigns like: "Give $20 to Get $20".

Encourage customers to share their 5-star reviews

If your customers are happy and leaving 5-star reviews, let everybody know about it.

Don't lose a chance to ask customers to share their purchases Pro

Reward and make it easy for customers to share their purchases and increase your brand's social proof and visibility on social media.

Drive more new visits to your products

Put beautiful social sharing icons on your product pages and encourage users to share them for a small discount.

Grow your email list

Users save the unlocked coupon code by entering their email addresses and SocialShopWave collects them for you in Shopify.

It supports 5 sharing channels

Pick your favorite channels and let visitors to share your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Email.

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Karolyn Fox, CEO at Military Hippie
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Customize popups design

Change backgrounds, colors and captions according to your needs.


Display popups when users are going to leave your site.

Choose social icons

Display social buttons, circled or squared icons.

Reward referrer and referrals

Choose who is receiving the reward: referrer or both. Pro

Analyze reports

Measure campaigns conversions using detailed analytics and optimize.

Auto-posting in the background

Lets automatically share users activity to Facebook and Twitter.

Sell more by rewarding users for shares