Enable one-click login

Simplify account registration and remove barriers in shopping process. Gather more email addresses and use them in your email campaigns.

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Collect more emails by simplifying shopping experience

Enable social login

Let your customers log in using their Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram and Amazon accounts.

Dropdown form

We display this clean dropdown form instead of annoying popups. It gives you more space for popup promotions.

Eliminate barriers

Login in one-click, no need to remember another password.

Persistent cart

Lets your users seamlessly continue shopping when they switch a computer, e.g. macbook at work and iPad at home. It saves the cart items and restores them when users log in again from another device.

Grow your email list

Gather only real email addresses for your email campaigns while your users socially log in.

Coupons for signup

Encourage users by providing a discounted coupon code for signup or login on your Shopify site.

Embed anywhere

Social login icons / buttons / links can be embedded anywhere on your Shopify site: top menu, Account, Cart and any custom pages, etc.

Know more about your users

See everything about every customer: information (age, location, contact details), interests (viewed, added to wishlist, and purchased items), behaviours (when they usually browse your store and make a purchase).

Know more about your customers

Unified Shopify users base

Get access to all your users in Shopify. It doesn't interfere with any Shopify apps (MailChimp, Klaviyo, etc).


Optimized for Shopify Plus and supports Mutipass for seamless login.

Extended Sessions

Prevents 30 minute session timeout and users from being logged out when coming back to your site.

Redirect after login

Redirect users to Homepage, Cart, Account or any other page after their login.

Accept terms

Let users accept your terms of use on signup.

Subscribe to newsletters

You can ask your users to confirm their subscription on signup.

Choose social networks

Enable and disable social networks to target the right audience for your brand: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr.

Your own social apps

You can even set up your own Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr apps and replace our default apps.


Know your audience better: when and which social networks they use to log in on your site.

Social Login Popup

Select when the popup will be shown.


Social login popups can be totally customized using CSS & Shopify liquid.

BriteVerify Support

BriteVerify is an email verification service keeps your email list clean and reduces the bounce rate.

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